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Vanguard Timber Maintenance is a specialist team of tradesmen qualified in all aspects of timber technology. Below is a list of our services we specialize in which covers the repairs and maintenance of almost all timber structures and furniture inside homes and businesses, as well as all timber used outside exposed to the weather.

We can help you with any sized project.


Prior to applying the maintenance coatings Vanguard Tradesmen will wash the timber with specialised products in various ways depending on its condition. Some times a scrub and wash may not be enough so we may also use high pressure cleaners to extract more dirt and stains deeply embedded in the timber grain. Other high pressure cleaning requirements to surrounding areas can also be included if required.

Regular cleaning of outdoor timber by hosing, moping or wiping is recommended to keep your home or business timber to keep looking its best. This is best done with tap water or using a suitable mild detergent/cleaner on more stubborn stains.


Sometimes the timber outside has been subjected to a lot of unprotected exposure to the elements or a lot of wear and will require the use of specialised sanding machines to expose the bare clean timber and bring the timbers appearance back looking new.


If the timber is situated outside we strongly recommend the use of Penetrating Oils that actually soak in and seal the core of the timber and protect the structure for at least 2-4 times longer and better than regular off the shelf products found in Hardware Stores. At this point of time in the market the ultimate Penetrating Oil available is called CUTEK and is available in various UV resistant coloured pigments to create some cool colour schemes shown on the Gallery Page of this website.

We also specialize in interior timber flooring Oil Treatments made by WOCA-Denmark.


Using a UV resistant Polyurethane Product will produce a polished “Wow Factor Effect” and seal the timber for a short period of time compared to the Penetrating Oil option, however if you protect the timber from direct sunlight and rain it will retain its “Bling” look a lot longer. At this point of time in the market there is a Water-Borne and Marine Grade Solvent-Borne Polyurethane available that is recommendable. However they are also very expensive compared to the Normal Polyurethane Products used on timber flooring inside a house and even these Specialised Exterior Polyurethanes will still blister and peel sometimes within the first or second year if exposed to the elements.


Vanguard Timber Flooring’s Specialised Tradesmen are trained in “Timber Flooring Technology” and are able to provide services to carry out Repairs, Installations and Sanding/Polishing on inside flooring and stairs. To look at all these services in detail please visit the appropriate Vanguard Timber Flooring Website for your area listed below:

Gold Coast Region:

Brisbane Region:


Untreated timber will soften and rot if not properly protected. This is often found on outdoor decking and the joists below or inside buildings from leaking fridges or by people cleaning the floors with a normal mop, exposing the timber to too much moisture.

Bad installation techniques are also a common contribution to water damage on decks with the ripple side laid on top. If the water damage is structural or unsightly still after being sanded back we may need to replace some areas to get the results required.


Termites are often found in timber that has taken in moisture in a cool and dark location. Once discovered it’s important to call in the “Termite Buster” professionals to get rid of the little scary monsters before they eat too much. After getting the all clear from a Licensed Pest Controller repairs can begin. Sometimes during the sanding process once unseen Termite Tunnels may be discovered just under the surface so it’s wise to be prepared of this possibility.



Timber exposed to direct sunlight and the elements outdoors, will require extra oiling or a UV resistant polyurethane applied to properly ensure its protection. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the Main Decking Area for wear and check the Outside Areas of decking under the Hand Rails and other Timber exposed to direct sunlight more often. If these areas of timber go too long without a touch up coat it will lose its beauty and will soon need sanding back again to restore fully.

This also goes for Timber Flooring Inside a building near windows. The direct exposure to light coming through un-tinted window or glass doors will over a year or so may blister the polyurethane and expose bare timber that can draw in moisture and slowly rot overtime if left unattended.


We supply and install decking over existing joists and take care of any repairs including skirting and cladding.

We also supply and install timber flooring inside buildings over ply, cement, batons and underlays. If the area requires moisture proofing we can also check the moisture content and apply the best product for the situation. More information about our carpentry services can be found on our Timber Flooring Website.



Our carpentry services include replacing damaged timber flooring, decking, treads, as well as fixing subflooring and skirting problems if required. We can source the correct timber species for the repair and provide a quick emailed quote by following the instructions on the bottom of the Home and Contact Pages.



Scratches on decking and inside timber flooring can normally be easily fixed with touch ups and normally incur a $90 call out fee and an hours labor at $90, plus material of $20. In some cases the scratches are deep and need filling with coloured timber putty then sealed with more coatings. If this is the case the whole room or deck normally needs to have a finishing coat applied to look uniformed in appearance. In extreme cases the deck or may need all the nails punched down before sanding back to bare timber and treated with two coats of oil again to look acceptable from $30 m2.



Most of the off the shelf decking oils and outdoor timber maintenance products should be maintained every one to two years, however the Cutek Products we recommend on newly sanded timber should not need a maintenance coat for two to four years.

In regards to internal polished timber flooring not exposed to the elements the maintenance coating for polyurethane depends on the amount of foot traffic and wear from dirt, but is normally every five to eight years.



Due to timber being hydroscopic in nature it draws in moisture and as it dries can change shape causing nail holes to widen and enable the nail to come loose from the joists below decking or move up and down as decking moves. In most case this is problem and can be easily fixed by punch down nails and re-nailing some boards with specially designed decking nails.

In some extreme cases the flooring or decking will need to be glued from below, packed, and re-nailed with specially designed decking nails or even worse may need to be taken up and re-laid using a more appropriate method to prevent future problems occurring.



Sometime things change and extra decking is required to finish the deck. We can supply new decking of various sizes and species to match the old decking. If your builder has already taken care of this we can provide the sanding and oiling services far superior than any Non-Specialist Tradesperson such as Painters and Carpenters would be able to provide you.

We can also assist with indoor renovation timber flooring requirements.


Decking can be provided in many colours and sizes to create the perfect look to your Outdoor Area. If you already have decking that you wish was a different colour we can bleach or stain the timber to whatever look you desire. Even the worst looking deck can be transformed using our professional sanding equipment not available in Hire Shops.


We recommend sanding and oiling steps with the decks to ensure continuity. Whilst we sand the top and fronts to an ultra fine finish if the we also recommend rough sanding the bottoms and backs of some steps to expose the raw timber grain and seal the timber all-round if exposed to a lot of weather conditions



Public Timber Bars and Timber Bench Tops are a regular request from Businesses and Home Owners wanting a professional result not possible without using our product range and craftsmen’s services.



Timber handrails and other timber’s situated outdoors are often coated with Polyurethane Coatings by Painter’s and Handymen. Most Non-Specialists in “Timber Technology” are not aware of the unsuitability long term of these products outside. If this is the case these with your timber coatings they will require lightly sanding/buffing, chemical washing and recoating with a compatible finish more often than a simply maintenance coat on exterior penetrating oil finished timber and not look good as long.



The Gold Coast and Brisbane Regions have many Jetties and Boardwalks that are made of timber. Many of these structures go unmaintained and go grey and eventually rot because they are not protected from the weather conditions. If regular washing and coating is done when extreme protective wear is first noticed, these structures will look terrific all the time and cost less for the owners.



The Vanguard Timber Maintenance Team realise the extreme conditions timber on Boats, Ships and other Marine Side Structures are subjected to. Our Marine Services include maintenance coating, sanding and finishing, provide the appropriate Marine Grade Coating recommendations and carry out repairs to the black rubber often put between ships decking that needs touching up or replacing from time to time.



Cedar Garage Doors and various species of Front Doors are often the main focus at the front of homes and some businesses. The timber doors are often spayed with a Polyurethane Coating at the Factory to seal and protect the timber. However the polyurethane changes colour when exposed to UV light and will even start to blister and lift from the timber causing it to peeling if not properly protected and maintained with a recoat every one to three years.

Our team can restore tired and damaged timber doors either by using our maintenance system or a full sand back to bare timber and have a more durable product applied.


Fences and Walls made of timber are often neglected and go beyond the point of return unless sanded back to bare timber. Although these timber structures are not walked on or receive impact wear, they will rot if left un-treated. This is due to the impact weather conditions have on Hydroscopic Materials such as Timber.


Restore your outdoor furniture and make them look better than new. Most of us love outdoor timber furniture as it creates that special holiday relaxed vibe, but most people lack the time or enthusiasm to maintain them, leaving them with unsightly looking grey wood that lacks that original “Wow Factor”.

Our Team can maintain your furniture before it is too late, or help restore your once prized possessions by sanding back to bare clean smooth timber. We can even make them look different by using a bleaching or staining process if they no longer match your decor.



      Vanguard Timber Maintenance